Hi God, it's me again and I have someone here who has just suffered a great loss. I would like to lift them up to you and have you hold them in the palm of your hand and just love them for a while. Please give them the peace that surpasses all understanding, and give them the wisdom in their daily life they need to get through.

Please have your big ears open to their quiet whispers in the night. And put an angel at their side for their comings and goings and one more request......can you put someone in their path in case they need a good friend for a laugh?

God bless you, things will come together you just wait and see, try giving
it to Him; he always shows us the way.

Faith is the evidence of things to come that are not yet seen.

Dear Lord!

Please hold this special person in the palm of your hand. Let them know you love them and completely understand.

In your time you can heal, but first we must trust you and be patient while waiting for your will.

Ease their heart that cries out, remove all fear and endless doubt, forsake them not as you promised and hear their prayers in the darkness.

Thank you Lord for as we wait, for your healing touch bound by faith!

~Teri Lynn


I have a request to petition to your ears.... one of your children has
been terribly injured and I just wanted to lift him up to you to hold while he is sleeping.

Though I know you probably are beside him always, please also comfort those that care so much and take away their fear and replace it with the peace that only you can give! Guide the doctors in a divine direction and in your Great timing please wake him up with a renewed strength and healing. Touch the organs and tissues that have been damaged and give him back a breath of life that soars in his soul!

Thank you in the name of Jesus, amen.

~Teri Lynn

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