Brain Injury of a Spouse


Lady, you have given me your heart now let it listen.

I love you above all else, and even over precious gems that glisten.

Let free the specters of the past that their shadows may not divide.

Peer into the depths of my heart and soul for there is nothing here to hide.


Lady, know that I need your love for it gives strength unto my soul.

Just as I give you my love every day to strengthen you, as we grow old.

True, the future is not certain and fate has her mighty hand to play.

But true love never alters with time be it a year or month or day.


As the sun will surely rise at dawn I shall love you with all my might.

I shall love you even till the end of time when the stars fade from sight.

Words are crude tools to convey the weight of the love that we both share.

To simply say I love you, describes not at all how much I truly care.


Freely do I give you my heart and all that I am, flesh and blood and bone.

For I cannot give you anything else as this is all I will ever really own.

Therefore, command of me what you will if there be any doubt in your mind.

Even if it takes my life, I will prove for you that no truer love could you find.


If ever a man and a woman were meant to be together it is you and I.

I cannot even express the pride that I feel when I look into your eyes.

Nor can I say how special you are to me because I do love you so.

There's just so much more to I love you and I wanted you to know.


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