On Visualization


When I was in the hospital, my right knee and foot stopped working and I had to learn to walk again. And I also couldn't remember how to fall for awhile.

What happened both times right before I made a big leap of progress was that I had a powerful visualization of me doing that thing.... the visualization had a lot of energy in it. Then I would get better in that area. This seems to be a spontaneous thing, but I wonder if we can't influence ourselves by 'walking' ourselves thru or having someone else 'walk' us thru a strong visualization... I think the important part is to "feel" the visualization.

...and Disability

I went back and couldn't take the stress; worried about not remembering things timely, too many communication screwups, just plain can't keep the pace nor juggle what one has to do. My disability income providers say that I cannot do anything I did as an educator to make money (or I lose my benefits)... this is a shame...because I could be an advocate for children in these situations in a part time capacity and probably do a decent job. This is not allowed, though...

This really may be best...would have trouble even with the noise in the hallways.

If there is anyway I can be of help through this media....


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