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As a family member or friend of a person who has suffered a brain injury you will find yourself in the role of an advocate for their care. Advocacy begins with the first question you ask of the medical personnel, the first conversation you have with others who may have had a similar experience and the first time you pull up a blanket to make the patient more comfortable.

You become the voice of someone who cannot speak for themselves. You fight for the patient's care and rights, and you make decisions about placement.

As the patient prepares to leave acute care, these decisions become more difficult. What type of rehabilitation facility, a nursing home or home care, what type of therapy and how to reintegrate the survivor back into society.

No two situations are identical and all of these questions involve being knowledgeable, careful research and an honest look at your family's ability to care for the brain injured person.

We have endeavored to put together materials which may help you in your decisions; anecdotes from caregivers and survivors relating their good and bad experiences, links to organizations that may help, and some guidelines for care and long term care. Hopefully in the future we will be able to add a directory of rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, doctors and other care facilities which have shown a knowledge and concern for those with brain injury. If you have encountered outstanding individuals or facilities during your treatment or during the treatment of a family member, please email the names, addresses and other pertinent information to me with a brief description of why you found them to be assets to the brain injury community.


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