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I remember very well the daily drives back and forth to the hospital and most days not seeing any changes because they had her so looped on Thorazin and Bromocriptin for her temps and heart rate. It took two months to get them under control and she was in total coma throughout that time, no eyes open, no movement whatsoever.


I had been divorced for three years and my son had gone to live with my folks so he could have some order in his life while I was at the hospital every evening and weekend. Many nights on the way home I would cry my eyes out and then go home and cry myself to sleep feeling incredibly alone.

I have a very deep belief in God and angels and I remember just asking over and over for them to just give me peace to fall asleep and be released from the nightmare I was living. They always came through for me.

After a couple of months a song started weaving it's way through my mind and I'd work on it on the drives back and forth. I never put it to paper until Bree was in a nursing home and I was having my house redone to bring her home. My dear cousin did the arrangement for me and we got it copyrighted together. It was something we could share through the grieving. The song is for anyone who is out of touch with their child, in our case through deep coma. I'd like to share it with you.

"Where Are You Dancing Tonight?"

(Bree's Song)

Where are you dancing tonight?

Where are your dreams taking flight?

Somewhere beyond the day,

Somewhere beyond the night,

I hope there's love where you are.


I miss the smile in your eyes,

Your sweet and then sassy replies,

Quiet and somber broods,

Laughing impulsive moods,

I hope there's joy where you are.


Please know I'll always be here,

Holding you ever so near.

Learning again to pray,

Waiting for God to say

"Child now it's time to go home."


Where are you dancing tonight?

What songs are you planning to write?

Somewhere beyond the dark,

Somewhere beyond the light,

I hope there's peace where you are.


Somewhere beyond the day,

Somewhere beyond the night,

I hope there's love where you are.


I join the others in wishing we could be there to give you hugs and hold you through this tough time. We're here for you whenever you need us. Remember that and take strength from it. And take care of yourself!!!


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