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Finding the Best Care for a Loved One in a Coma


(The Intensive Care Unit)

Suggestions on locating other resource personnel in the hospital setting.


When a person is in an ICU, family members may have to turn to other resource personnel in the hospital.

Social Workers

Social Workers are available to help families in many ways. They provide good resources on advocacy for the patient, support for the family and, depending on the patient; can help with many of the concerns a family may have about financial issues.

Family Education Coordinator

The family education coordinator can help the family in locating resources to help them understand brain injury; the effect it will have on the patient, and the effect it will have on the family.


The chaplain can help the family by listening to their concerns. He can also help with the stress and friction which may occur in a family at this time. The chaplain understands the process of grief a family will experience during their loved one's stay in the ICU.


Remember, you are not alone.

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What can the family do to help?

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