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 Acquired Brain Injury/ ABI

The Perspectives Network, Inc. is an international tax-exempt, non-profit organization founded by a survivor of acquired brain injury in 1990. As evidenced by the services its offers, TPN's primary focus is communication between survivor s, family members/ caregivers/friends, professionals and community members in order to create positive changes and enhance public awareness and knowledge of acquired brain injury.

P. O. Box 1859, Cumming GA 30128-1859

Direct Voice/Fax: 770/844-6898

Voice Mail: 800/685-6302 (USA Only ) or 334/639-5037

Since 1986, the Ontario Brain Injury Association has been committed to enhancing the quality of life for those living with an acquired brain injury.

National Stroke Association (NSA) is the only national voluntary health care organization focusing 100 percent of its resources and attention on stroke prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, research and support for stroke survivors and their families. NSA is dedicated to reducing the incidence and impact of stroke by changing the way stroke is viewed and treated.

Opportunity Project

Our non-profit organization, located in Millburn, NJ, serves individuals with acquired brain injury. Our services provide vocational assistance, socialization, computer training, and resources to all people who have experienced a brain injury. Further, our Clubhouse program provides participants with a new and exciting atmosphere, and offers activities and interaction which are found to be most beneficial to the community reintegration process.


 Children and Brain Injury

Shriners Hospitals for Children is a network of 22 hospitals that provide expert, no-cost orthopaedic and burn care to children under 18. Shriners Hospitals are celebrating their 75th anniversary in 1997.

A page designed for children which deals with understanding visible and invisible disabilities. Excellent resources section provides links to information about children's disorders, including ADD and communication disorders as well as government and education links.

National Information Center For Children And Youth With Disabilities

P.O. Box 1492

Washington DC. 20036


Questions may be posted on my message board at
Coma Questions and Brain Injury Support

The Coma Recovery Association, Inc.

100 East Old Country Road, Suite 9

Mineola, New York 11501

Telephone: 516-746-7714

Fax: 516-746-7706



A Not-For-Profit Organization

The CRA is a not-for-profit organization initially formed by a group of families in 1980. Its purpose is to help the families of coma and head injury survivors by providing:

 Critical Care

This site is designed for everyone who seeks information on critical care medicine. SCCM is a not-for-profit scientific and educational organization dedicated to care of the critically ill and injured.

The American Trauma Society (ATS) is a voluntary nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention of trauma and the improvement of trauma care. Trauma is the number-one killer of U.S. residents under the age of 37 and the fourth-leading cause of death of all ages.


Americans with Disabilities Act Document Center

ADA Statute, Regulations, ADAAG (Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines), Federally Reviewed Tech Sheets, and Other Assistance Documents.

The Council for Disability Rights

Keep current on changing laws and ADA challenges.

Millions of people throughout the world have been inspired by the phenomenally successful series of Chicken Soup for the Soul books by Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield. Sample stories are available on this site, which will be included in a new book on people with disabilities.

A great page for benefits and resources.

 Drug Information

The Internet Drug Reference

A useful website which offers information regarding drugs, and articles concerning drugs.


Frequently Asked Questions about Epilepsy


Assistive Equipment

 Grief - Recovery

Offers several links on bereavement, death and dying.

Practical Grief Resources: Grief in a Family Context

MANAGING GRIEF BETTER: People With Developmental Disabilities by Professor Sheila Hollins

Professor Hollins shares thoughts on helping persons with developmental diasability understand and cope with loss and grief.


The Brain Injury Information Page
Attorney Gordon S. Johnson, Jr.

A good source of information, with articles and resources.

 Life Management/Rehabilitation

The BRAIN BOOK® System is a unique educational program using the BRAIN BOOK®, a customized life manager/day planner especially designed to meet the complex needs of persons with brain injury.

LingraphiCARE speech language rehabilitation unlocks communication skills, especially for adults with acquired language disorders, such as aphasia, apraxia, and dysarthria. The key to increased effectiveness is the Lingraphica® System, a clinically proven, highly stimulating, interactive tool appropriate for the mature adult.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) is the professional, scientific, and credentialing association for more than 87,000 audiologists, speech-language pathologists, and speech, language, and hearing scientists.

This site is a resource for ASHA members, persons interested in information about communication disorders, and for those wanting career and membership information.

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

10801 Rockville Pike
Rockville, Maryland 20852
800-498-2071 Voice
301-897-5700 TTY
301-571-0457 Fax

National Rehabilitation Information Center:

8455 Colesville Road
Suite 935
Silver Spring, MD. 20910-3319

Opportunity Project is a community reintegration program located in Millburn, NJ. Participants in this program are members, not patients or clients. Members are given encouragement and support as they continue to overcome obstacles brought on by their brain injuries.

Opportunity Project is run for and by the members. Members are treated as individuals and have the option to be active in all aspects of the program.

Opportunity Project provides members with the opportunity to put skills in action by participation in the many functions of the Clubhouse such as, fundraising, employment preparation, education, seminars, and job searches.

Since they know what a person who has brain injury is going through, members of Opportunity Project can give informed support and advice. Talking to each other about difficulties in our lives gives us the sense of being understood and not being alone.


Are you searching for a comprehensive program which offers specialized services for:


Touro can help.

We offer programs for individuals who have experienced traumatic brain injuries, strokes or other neurological impairments including:

CALL 504-897-8646

1401 Foucher Street

New Orleans, Louisiana 70115

 Medical Malpractice

American Iatrogenic Association

The American Iatrogenic Association is devoted to the study and reporting of illness caused by the medical profession, especially by physicians. Despite the rare public discussion of iatrogenic illness, it is a significant cause of disease and death for Americans.


The Virtual Neuro-Surgical Index and Neurosurgery at Dundee University

 Pain Management

The Vancouver Pain Clinic offers residential and outpatient pain management programs to residents of Canada and the Northwest United States. Programs are offered by multidisciplinary teams consisting of professionals from the disciplines of psychology, medicine, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, pharmacy and vocational counselling. Massage therapy and an activity program are also offered to persons in our Residential Programs.

For referrals or information by telephone

Call 1-604-263-4998


The Circle of Friends is part of the American Paralysis Association (APA), a non-profit organization founded in 1982 to encourage and support research to find a cure for paralysis caused by spinal cord injury and other central nervous system disorders.

State Workers' Compensation Pages

Florida Division of Workers' Compensation

Department of Labor and Employment Security

 Substance Abuse and TBI

AL-ANON (and ALATEEN for younger members) is a worldwide organization that offers a self-help recovery program for families and friends of alcoholics whether or not the alcoholic seeks help or even recognizes the existence of a drinking problem. Members give and receive comfort and understanding through a mutual exchange of experiences, strength and hope. Sharing of similar problems binds individuals and groups together in a bond that is protected by a policy of anonymity.

An article about substance abuse and brain injury treatment.

A quick reference to identify the need for further screening and/or assessment for substance abuse problems or risk to develop substance abuse problems.

Treating Substance Abuse After Brain Injury.

Preventing Substance Abuse After Traumatic Brain Injury.

Survivor's Home Pages 

 Traumatic Brain Injury

The web's leading resource for brain injury and spinal cord injury survivors.

Recovery Awareness Foundation
Surviving Brain Injury

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

John and Clara Lyon's Home Page offers information and links on Traumatic Brain Injury and Epilepsy. This site also offers information on how to subscribe to John and Clara's online support groups for caregivers and survivors.

"Cerebral Concussion and the Year After"

This superb offering has been prepared by Mary Kay Bader, MSN, CNRN, a clinical nurse specialist at the Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, DC.

Brought to you by the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses. Contact them at

This site is maintained by Chris and DebbieWilson. It offers links to the various resources available on the internet for traumatic brain injury, acquired brain injury, and epilepsy.

This site provides links and information on Traumatic Brain Injury, Epilepsy, and Spinal Cord Injuries.


National Resource Center for Traumatic Brain Injury

This page focuses on the sharing of any and all information relating to TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), ABI (Acquired Brain Injury) and Abuse.

Traumatic Brain Injury Program

Tennessee Department of Health


 Traumatic Brain Injury Archives

The TBI-archives are at

You can get the last month or so of messages, sorted by thread, date or sender.

 Traumatic Brain Injury Publications

Keeping professionals and patients up-to-date with all of the current medical literature on conditions that affect millions of people.

 Traumatic Brain Injury Statistics

Brain Injury Statistics

Source: Interagency Head Injury Task Force Reports, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD.

Epidemiology of Traumatic Brain Injury in the United States National Center for Injury Prevention and Control Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

National Safety Council

1121 Spring Lake Drive
Itasca, IL 60143-3201
Voice: (630) 285-1121
Fax: (630) 285-1315

A not-for-profit, non-governmental international public service organization.


Brain Tumor Center - links to information about the treatment of glioma, astrocytoma, glioblastoma and other brain
tumors at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard.

Beyond the Road's End - true story of a couple's journey through glioblastoma diagnosis, treatments, support, death and

 University Medical Centers

The Ohio State University Medical Center

Rehabilitation: OSU Medical Center's Dodd Hall is ranked among the top rehabilitation hospitals in the country by U.S. New s & World Report. It is the only inpatient acute program in central Ohio accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.

 Vestibular Disorders

Vestibular Disorders Association.

Offers information on vestibular disorders and neuro-otology. Espanol

This Vestibular Disorders Hotsheet is your starting point on the Internet when it comes to locating information about dizziness, vertigo, balance problems, and other vestibular disorders.

Also try:


 Vision and Brain Injury

The Low Vision Centers of Indiana are dedicated to providing professional low vision rehabilitation for
patients with low vision or visual impairments secondary to stroke or head injury.

 International Brain Injury Pages


Le Traumatisme Cranien est un fleau silencieux... Il concerne 4000 personnes handicapees graves par an en France : C'est un probleme de sante publique!


Valoración y Rehabilitación del Daño Cerebral

Take a look at mild brain injury, as I follow Sue through her daily life. This slightly tongue in cheek look at mild brain injury is a graphics only site.

Sue and the Mild Brain Injury.

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