A TBI Poem

From a Friend


My son Jacob suffered a brain bleed May 9, 1996. He was 18 years old and near brain dead but he has come back to a point no one ever expected. He has learned how to do everything all over again. I am so immensely proud of him. It's been a tough three years but he's come a long way. He holds down a part time job and we thank God every day for sparing his life. A friend of Jake's wrote this poem during the first few days of his illness.

only 18

and like all the rest

he used to be

what the hell makes him

so different from me?

Living this life

coping with this world

going day to day

not a care

not a fear

that'll never be me


and who would have thought

even last year

it would be him?

how does one deal?

i guess it must be learned


i don't know how to feel

i'm not sure what to think..

things can change so much

before your eyes can even blink

all i can do

is hope he'll be okay

there's nothing i can change

nothing for me to say

every night i lay down to sleep

he suffers

tonight i get no rest

cannot forget

i lay awake...I plead with God

i pray.

touch his brain God

leave his soul with us

please don't take my friend away

let him live

let him grow

let him lead a normal life

Jacob, don't let go

Live 18

May 1996
E. Detwiller


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