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A newsgroup consists of many people. When one person posts to the group, everyone else gets to read it.

We are aware of the following newsgroups that are related to TBI:

St. John's University Traumatic Brain Injury Support Group List. This list is open to anyone who subscribes and is the most active of the TBI lists, it includes survivors, caregivers, neuropsychologists, attorneys, rehab professionals, physicians and insurance professionals. To subscribe, go to


CARE-TBI, which is a support group for TBI patients/survivors. This list is restricted to Caregivers whether professional or family, also to family members and friends of TBI patients/survivors. This list was started so that caregivers, family and friends can exchange information and discuss treatments, problems, frustrations and anything else that goes along with caring for a person with TBI. The Care List will likely be the most beneficial to those who are waiting. It is a restricted list and open only to caregivers. If you are a TBI survivor/patient, it is recommend you join the other list below because it is more informative to your situation and it exists especially for survivors. To subscribe to CARE-TBI, go to


Clara Lyon's TBI-LIVING E-Mail List. This is a Support list so Brain Injured people can share information and experiences and to give each other general support. It's purpose is so people with TBI have a central location to meet and discuss their problems and exchange information. It is un-moderated and has few rules. To subscribe, go to


TBI-WORKING: This is an e-mail support list for persons with brain injury who are either back in the workplace or who are thinking about or planning to return to work or school. Most subscribers are employed. The list is also open to family members, caregivers and professionals with an interest in the topic of working again after experiencing brain injury.

TBI-TEACHING: This is a new e-mail support list which focuses on learning and teaching compensatory skills and strategies following brain injury. The list is open to persons with brain injury, family members and professionals. This will be a moderated list.

TO SUBSCRIBE to either list, send a request and personal introduction suitable for posting to the list (please specify which list is of interest) to Kathy Moeller, list facilitator at


ASSIST-TBI: This is a list for people with an interest in helping persons with brain injury. You are welcome to join if you are a person with brain injury who wishes to help other people with brain injury or their families, or if you are a family member, caregiver or professional who is either looking for assistance or can provide assistance to others.


INTERNET BRAIN INJURY CHAT. Thursday Night Internet Chats for Persons Interested in Brain Injury.
MGH NEUROLOGY WEB FORUM.This is an attempt to start an interactive, online discussion about various Neurology-related topics. Ongoing, unscheduled chats on a number of neurology related topics. User friendly page. The above link gets you to the brain injury chat room. If it is empty, you might want to try the general neurology chat room. Message postings, i.e., a bulletin board on neurology issues is at: http://neuro-www.mgh.harvard.edu/chats/chatsMenu.nclk?id=6661732 
http://tbichat.org Traumatic Brain Injury Chat Room. This site also features a picture/story/poem gallery for survivors. 

TPN Chat Room This site is capable of being accessed by: any generation of Netscape/Explorer, WebTV, AOL's browser and Lynx.

TPN Chat Schedule (these will be one hour chats):

**We will be adding more peer specific chats as we receive requests for them and have enough users to make them viable.

Mondays: FAMILY MEMBER ONLY beginning at 8:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time

Wednesdays: SURVIVORS ONLY beginning at 8:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time

Fridays: OPEN CHAT beginning at 8:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time

NOTE: With the exception of those times when there are scheduled chats, any or all registered users are welcome to make arrangements to meet other users in the room to visit or chat. You are also welcome to drop us an e-mail to see if we're available to visit for a bit during the day. Can't guarantee that we can but we'll try.

Registration URL is:


Room URL is:


Brain Injury and Substance Abuse Treatment Listserve - In an effort to disseminate information about the treatment of substance abuse for persons with disabilities as a result of brain injury we have established a listserv for the exchange of ideas between service providers, researchers and other interested parties. Participation is open to professionals working in this area by contacting contact Gary Lamb-Hart at the Ohio Valley Center (614) 481-0611. 


The Brain Injury Association ("BIA"), is a U.S. organization, which includes affiliated organizations in most of the 50 states. The BIA's primary mission is fourfold - to improve the quality of life for people with brain injury and their family members by: 1) serving as a clearinghouse of community service information and resources; 2) participating in legislative advocacy; 3) facilitating prevention awareness; and 4) hosting professional programs.

State Brain Injury Associations: Links and Listings
  • Brain Injury Association of North Carolina - BIANC
699 W Main
Hendersonville, TN

Note: If you do not see your state brain injury association listed here, please e-mail us the information and we will be glad to post it. Or go to http://www.biausa.org

French Brain Injury Association is happy to help patients and families who are victims of head injury.

The Coma Recovery Association, Inc.

100 East Old Country Road, Suite 9

Mineola, New York 11501

Telephone: 516-746-7714

Fax: 516-746-7706

Email service@comarecovery.org

Web http://www.comarecovery.org

A Not-For-Profit Organization

The CRA is a not-for-profit organization initially formed by a group of families in 1980. Its purpose is to help the families of coma and head injury survivors by providing:

Join the National Association of State Head Injury Administrators: the first organization to address state government's role in delivery of services.


Debra Kamen, President


315 Broadway #111

Arlington, MA 02174

for more information.

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