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"Once upon a time all of us here were where you are now."

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Finding the Best Care for a Loved One in a Coma


"I remember passing through an emergency room two months post-trauma and seeing a family who reminded me of that first day... I wanted to tell them it would be OK, that it would get better, but I didn't know where to start, what to say."

"And then I realized that it was happening all over the world, every day; and when it did, we were so alone, you were so alone." - Becca

We are here to help. If you are here, you are probably sitting in an ICU waiting room, someone you love is in a coma, and most, if not all, of your questions have gone unanswered. You have been told that you'll just "have to wait and see."

We are here to share. These pages are the results of the combined efforts of people like you. We have attempted to answer the questions which we once asked, explain what we didn't understand and share the insights and hope which were at the end of the bridge you have found yourself upon

We are here to inform. These pages also provide practical information on the steps you must face; advocacy for care, financial matters, disability, social security, rehabilitation options and legal considerations.

We are here to listen. These pages also provide sensitive solutions for YOUR care. Support, resources, solutions, and a voice for your concerns.


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