Gina Reid


It seems to me, there ought to be a Hall-of-Fame for "warriors;"

Not the kind who fought in battles long ago,

But for the parents, spouses and caregivers of those who cannot do for themselves,

what most of us take for granted every day!


The "warriors" who, day after day, week after week, sacrifice SO MUCH

for what is best for those who need SO MUCH.

Nobody can really ever know, aside from God, the tears and heartaches

they have gone through,

with such little rewards along the way.


But to them it doesn't really matter,

What others think or feel;

Or how their deeds go so often unnoticed.

For they have an understanding love that most will never understand.

A love that knows no limitations or boundaries,

and continues to encourage---"Come on, I know you can do it--- and

"I love you, even if you can't."


And for the TBI survivors who have been through an ordeal, that

no-one person can fully comprehend;

There should be a gold medal of honor placed around their necks;

For they are truly the most courageous of all.

And God, in Heaven, knows better than any their fears and the price they

have paid.


For God, in the form of Jesus, paid the highest price so that ALL could win


the injustice and evil in this world.

So that if they choose to accept His free gift,

They can stand before Him someday PERFECT in EVERY way.



To all of you "warriors" I say thank you for the encouragement, inspiration and understanding ear. Your faithfulness and love will not go unrewarded!


Gina Reid

Nashville, MI

(Mother of 6-yr-old TBI "warrior")


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