What can we do to help?


First and Foremost:

Take care of yourself.

Learning to manage stress is the most important step you need to take at this time. While your loved one is in the ICU, it is very easy to neglect your health, your job and other family responsibilities. While we understand that it is impossible to avoid stress during this time of crisis, there are ways to cope with stress. Avoiding becoming exhausted and irritable yourself may be the best way to help the patient.

Undoubtedly your life has suffered an instant upheaval. Often with brain injury we are not sure how long the crisis will last. This constant strain and worry is not healthy for you.

Signs of stress include:

In order to manage stress, make a commitment to take care of yourself:

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When will we know the extent of the injury?

How long will the stay in the ICU be?

How long does recovery take and what can we expect?

Where will we go from here?


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