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"Where is the Mango Princess"


I just finished the book Where is the Mango Princess ( recommended by the doctor who sees my husband ) The book saved me by allowing me to know I'm not alone and the fact that life will never be the same. I've had thoughts that put so much quilt on me I hate myself, until I read in the book that Cathy hit Al over the head, I actually laughed ( guilt ) well I thought wow I never even thought of doing that, so I guess my thought of walking out door for a day was not so bad.

It has been 8 months since the accident that put my husband in a different place, he is concidered a miracle since he lived....but now months later with no answers from any one about our future, this web site has been my other source of help. We are in turmoil over the next phase which is waiting to see if we go to court...the stress of that is horrible for me so I wonder how it will affect him? I find that I try to protect him just so his anger and frustration allow me to keep that wrong ? Well I just needed to talk..not sure who will read this but Thank you for allowing me to vent a little. Sincerely deb ( wife to a TBI survivor )


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