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"I will tell you my story"


I was on my way to my twin brother's wedding, with my boyfriend. I was a passenger in the car...I got hurt so bad, My boyfriend ended up with a cut on his knee, I have pictures of the car and what it looked like, I am a MIRACLE, and am So Thankful that I was given a chance to see my children grow up...I will tell you my story....

I am 44 years old, In 1979 I was in a bad car accident. I was in a coma for 15 days, my lungs were collasped, I was on a respirator.The doctors told my Mom that I had a 75% chance of dying, a 25% chance of living. I had 3 children at the time and I was in the middle of a divorce.

I was like a 4 year old when I woke up, I didn't know how or what had happened to me. My Mom said I acted just like a little child. I had to learn everything all over. My face was fractured on my right side, my right ear was cut off and they did plastic surgery on me and to see me now you would never guess anything was ever wrong.

The accident was October 26 1979, I woke up from the coma on November 9th... I came home from the hospital 2 or 3 days before Thanksgiving, (to my Mom's) she took care of me and talked to me...My friends visited and reminded me of my memories and slowly it all came back to me,Would you believe I didn't even remember that I had kids, people would show me pictures and I would say they were cute....slowly my memory was coming back, (Thank-You Mom and Dad), they helped me so much.

About a week before Christmas, I went home to my own apartment and believe it or not, my ex dropped my 3 kids off the same day so here I was on phenobarbatol and some other drug and taking care of my kids again: 3 children I didn't remember, they were five, three, and one. But I did it, nobody stayed with me. Here I was 24 years old and all I had went through and you know there were times I felt I was looking at the world through a mask...Christmas was creeping up on me and I had to buy Christmas sister-in-law took me shopping and I bought my kids toys and wrapped them by the grace of God, ( I had real bad cordination) but I did it slowly.

Christmas Eve came. I put all their toys kids woke up real early (of course) God Bless Them, they didn't want to wake me up and so they took all the presents (even mine)...ha ha, into their rooms because they wanted to let Mommy sleep. I woke up and was shocked trying to remember whether I really put them under there or not. I soon discovered, ha ha. So the holidays came and went, months went by and I was really feeling great. The Dr took me off my medications.

April of 1980 I got meningitis from all my fractures...was hospitalized. I got better. On June 1 got pregnant with my 4th child, I was so scared...but I wanted the baby so much, he was conceived out of alot of love....I talked to my Neuro-Surgeon and he said it would be fine and that I could have 6 more....ha ha. So I carried my baby 7 months, had the baby 4 lbs 14ozs and it was a boy. I called him Jonathan Mark (Jonathan means a gift from God). He was so tiny and so strong...and healthy.

So here is my story. My children are all grown now, 25, 24, 22, and 19 and I am a grandmother. Thank the Lord I am here and I am able to tell you my story. There is hope, for many coma victims. I am a Coma Victim and "I Made It".....


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