(EDITOR'S NOTE; Kimberly was injured by a drunk driver, a drunk driver in Hardin County, Ohio, a drunk driver who the District Attorney for that county did not prosecute. The accident occurred on June 8, 1996.)


Hello all!

The drunk did have a blood test done. My husband has told me that he overheard the nurses talking about it. They said that she was way over the legal limit, something like 3 times over. The police and prosecutor never bothered to get it from the hospital. We have a picture of a carton of beer in her car, the police smelled it on her, the doctors smelled it, and we have her statement in court. We also have a statement made by her to a private investigator that we had hired.

If there is a way to still prosecute, I still have not found it.

I have a desire, an indescribable need to get involved in MADD, to help others, and to make a difference. The response I have gotten from that has been wonderfully supportive. I have had several people even write to me and let me know that they have joined MADD, saying that they were encouraged to act by my words. And I do think that is wonderful, it has made me feel that I have helped someone else.

I have also received messages from people saying "you go girl" and "speak up". While I do greatly appreciate the support and encouragement, you all need to understand that it takes more than one voice to change things. Instead of telling me to "speak up" or saying "you go girl", join MADD, and join in the fight to stop this from happening to someone else.

I have heard people say that this could never happen to them, and I can remember thinking that way myself before the crash. Let me tell you all something, if it does not or has not happened to you, it will happen to someone you know or love. It takes more than one voice to change the laws and get these drunk drivers off the streets. It takes more than one voice to get the attention of the lawmakers in Washington and other states. It takes more than one voice to make a difference.

I have written to MADD-the National, Michigan and Ohio offices, and have told them our story and how I have a need to speak and to help. I e-mailed the national office of MADD. I did get a response from them yesterday, telling me to contact my local chapter of MADD and start there. I have been contacted by the Kalamazoo, MI chapter of MADD, which is the nearest local chapter, and I have been invited to join their Victims Impact Panel. I have been told that I can make a difference and help the issue there. I have also been contacted by the Ohio chapter of MADD. I have been invited to join and participate when I can. I was recently contacted by a new organization against drunk drivers. I have been invited to participate in a Nation Wide campaign to change the laws. I have been told that I can make a difference, that I can help to change the laws, and hopefully prevent this from happening to someone else.

I strongly encourage you all to join in the fight against drunk drivers.

It does take more than one voice though. I strongly encourage all of you to join MADD, and to start speaking up on this issue, it does effect each and every one of us. If a drunk driver has not injured you now, or someone you know, then it may happen in the future. That is what we have to stop! This can not keep happening to the innocent!!! The laws need to be changed, and the misconceptions need to be exposed.

You may not think that drunk drivers effect your life, but they do in so many ways. Take for example, your insurance rates, you pay more for insurance every year because of all of the drunk driving claims. That is just one example, there is also the fact that our taxes pay for the legal aide attorneys that the drunk drivers receive in court. There are so many different ways that the drunk drivers effect each and every one of us financially. Do you want to keep paying for their mistake? Whether it be financially, physically, or emotionally, drunk drivers do impact our lives.

I have a voice, I have an opinion , and I have a desire to make a difference in this world, DO YOU?

Please, ALL of you, think about it, think about the thousands of lives that are ruined or destroyed. If WE ALL join MADD, speak up, WE can change it, WE can make a difference! WE CAN STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING TO SOMEONE ELSE!!!! BUT WE ALL HAVE TO TAKE A STAND ON THIS ISSUE, WE ALL HAVE TO GET INVOLVED! WE ALL NEED TO RAISE OUR VOICES TOGETHER!!!!!

I do not want any of you to think that I am some "radical". I am a drunk driving victim/survivor. I know first hand the effects that a drunk driver brings to all of us. I beg all of you, for our future, get involved, join MADD.

Kimberly Endicott

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