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My daughter Cheryl had a severe anoxic brain injury on October 5, 1997. She was 18 when it happened. A senior gave her heroin right on the cafeteria table. Cheryl got addicted and had a heroin drug overdose. Cheryl was only 16 when she was given heroin at Centereach High School in Long Island, New York. Cheryl has to live in a nursing home. New owners just recently took over and Cheryl is 20 now and only gets 15 minutes of range of motion a day.

My life is ruined. I visit her every day. Cheryl lives in a brain injury nursing home. Cheryl also was in the emergency room 5 days before this happened and I told the social worker that Cheryl might be suicidal, she was using drugs, please admit her. They only treated her for her asthma and discharged her.

Cheryl still can't walk, talk, move legs, arms or hands, has cortical blindness and is still on a feeding tube. Cheryl doesn't get any speech, pt, ot, anymore. Her wrists, ankles and elbows are all contracted. She does have a baclofen pump in her stomach for severe spasticity. I take her home for visits now and to the mall.

Schenectady, NY

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