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I too have been through the teen years with my son, who was injured when he was 12 yrs old. He is now 20, and still in denial - probably will always be that way. His injury was not "severe", he was unconscious for 5-10 mins. - the damage was scattered. He was one of the "walking wounded" - in other words no one could tell. He looked normal, talked normal, but he was not - a complete personality change occurred and the learning difficulties were numerous. Teachers thought he was lazy and he still is ADHD, but refuses to address the issue. To make a long story short as how it relates to your daughter - I have gone through hours of worry and very stressful times (still do at times). Some areas have developed support groups for teens... you might check with your local TBI society to get information on summer camps and info for teen groups. The support group helped me keep my sanity through some very difficult years. Good luck :) I continue to see progress in my son and he is doing much better than expected.

Margaret S. Mundy

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