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We have attempted to give you the basic information to help you in understanding brain injury. However, you may need more specific information or you may want to learn more about brain injury. The Web offers access to people, information, and resources - from all over the world.

Brain Injury Sites

The easiest way to begin is to visit one of the other brain injury sites on the Web. There is a growing network of brain injury sites; most of which are interlinked to one other. Once you have found your way to one site, it is easy to wind your way through to the information you need.

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Some of the best pages on the Web are government pages, such as the Social Security home page:

or the ADA pages, which are listed at:

There is a page for almost every major government agency.


A. Literature Searches.

Getting the text of the articles, is still difficult.

B. Multimedia Learning Tools. A couple of the best things on the Web, are illustrated anatomy pages.

We hope that our efforts have helped you.

One of the things that makes the Web so unique is the ability to continuously update any site. That is why we use the term evolving to describe We hope that will always be in a state of evolution, always have something more to offer. When the urgency of what you are going through has waned a little, we hope that you too will become part of our alumni and take part in our evolution.

Click below for a growing list of sites on the web.

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