San Francisco Giants Fan Sustains Brain Damage After Beating By Dodgers Boosters


Posted on 9th April 2011 by Gordon Johnson in Uncategorized

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Modern sports tap into our tribal instincts. When your hometown team wins, your clan has won, has survived. Sports access deep, primitive, powerful emotions.

But that is no excuse to beat up a fan of a rival team.

Yet that is exacty what happened March 31 in a horrendous incident at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. During the season opener between the Dodgers and their archrivals, the San Francisco Giants, a Giants  fan dressed in that team’s “regalia” was attacked by two animalistic Dodgers’ fans.

The victim, 42-year-old Bryan Stow of Santa Cruz, Calif., sustained serious brain damage and was put in a medically induced coma by doctors. Published reports said doctors had performed surgery to remove part of Stow’s skull to relieve the pressure on his brain, which had swollen from his injuries.

The two sports savages that attacked Stow, a father of two, escaped. Authorities are offering a $100,000 award for any information about the attackers.

Let’s hope these two cowards, who reportedly attacked Stow from behind, are identified, apprehended, charged and convicted. 

And while they are in prison, we hope they are surrounded by Giants fans.   

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