Dodger’s Vin Skully Hospitalized After Hitting Head


Posted on 20th March 2010 by Gordon Johnson in Uncategorized

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Veteran Los Angeles Dodgers announcer Vin Skully was hospitalized Thursday after falling out of bed and bumping his head.

Skully, 82, was taken to West Hills Hospital and Medical Center observation, and was expected to be released Friday. The accident took place at his home in Hidden Hills, Calif.

The hospital told reporters that Skully was “doing great,” but let’s hope the facility pays serious attention to the announcer’s head injury, no matter how “great” he seems to be doing now.

We fear that Scully, and team officials, may be in too much of a rush to take proper caution with his injury. That’s because the announcer is due at Camelback Ranch-Glendale in Arizona this weekend for an exhibition game against the Cleveland Indians.

A concussion may be a minor problem which resolves in days, or it can be the beginning of a lifetime of disability. What rushing a “return to play” decision can do (even if the “play” is work) is put undue stress on the brain, not only making healing more difficult, but perhaps worsening the organic injury.

The other part of the picture with Skully is his age. Those over 65 have much worse outcomes than a young person would. The chances of meaningful disability from a significant concussion at that age may approach 50%, rather than the normal 10-15% rate with those under 40.

The best thing for a concussion is rest and daily reevaluation. Skully will likely get the second, but not likely the first. A live radio broadcast, even if he can do it, will put unneccessary stressors on a wounded brain.