Kudos for our Coma Advocacy


Posted on 16th July 2008 by Gordon Johnson in Uncategorized

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From a user of https://waiting.com:

Attorney Gordon Johnson
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I was thumbing through some old email and I ran across yours. I remember writing you when my mother fell into coma. I remember how helpful this website was to me. How you help me and my family to understand what my mother was going through. I especially like how this site explained all the many different tubes and meaning of words surrounding coma. It educated me, it made me apart of the process. I enjoyed that very much.

My mother was 68 years old and lost the battle of recovery, however, this site helped me to deal with that also. This site gave me hope and kept me inform of what could happen. This site helped prepared me for the future without my mom. I thank God for giving me the strength to go though this and I thank you for educating me on coma so that I know what to pray for. My mother was laid to rest April 5, 2008. Thank you for being there for me.


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