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Intracranial Pressure

Understanding Coma

Rancho Los Amigos Scale/ The Levels of Coma

Objectives of Neurosurgery

A Guide to Brain Anatomy

Figure-Ground - The differentiation between the foreground and the background of a scene; this refers to all sensory systems, including vision, hearing, touch. [Click Here To Return To List]

Fixation, Visual - A pause of the line of sight on something of interest in the visual world. [Click Here To Return To List]

Flaccid - Lacking normal muscle tone; limp. [Click Here To Return To List]

Flexion - Bending a joint. [Click Here To Return To List]

Fluently - Effortlessly smooth and rapid speech. [Click Here To Return To List]

Focal - Restricted to one region (as opposed to diffuse). [Click Here To Return To List]

Focus, Eye - Can imply: 1) convergence of the two eyes, 2) accommodation of the lenses of the two eyes, 3) tracking something by moving the eyes, 4) attending to something. [Click Here To Return To List]

Foley Catheter - This is a tube inserted into the urinary bladder for drainage of urine. The urine drains though the tube and collects into a plastic bag. [Click Here To Return To List]

Follow-Up, Vocational - Supportive assistance during the initial stage of a new program or job placement and which may determine to what degree the past and present program are adequate to meet client needs and/or ascertain the readiness of clients to benefit from new programs. [Click Here To Return To List]

Follow-Up Information - Data collected after services have been provided. [Click Here To Return To List]

Frontal Lobe - Front part of the brain; involved in planning, organizing, problem solving, selective attention, personality and a variety of "higher cognitive functions." [Click Here To Return To List]

Frustration Tolerance - the ability to persist in completing a task despite apparent difficulty. Individuals with a poor frustration tolerance will often refuse to complete tasks which are the least bit difficult. Angry behavior, such as yelling or throwing things while attempting a task is also indicative of poor frustration tolerance. [Click Here To Return To List]

Functional Ability - Capacity for performing an act that results in a practical end result. [Click Here To Return To List]

Functional Independence - The capacity of a person to take care of one's own activities of daily life without the help of another person. [Click Here To Return To List]

Functional Limitation - Restriction or lack of ability to perform an action in the manner or within a range consistent with the purpose of an organ or organ system. [Click Here To Return To List]

Functional Outcome - The end result of a therapeutic intervention; practical activities in which a person is capable of engaging on a regular basis. [Click Here To Return To List]

Functional Outcome, Optimal - The best functional level an individual can realize in consideration of physical, mental and social limitations. [Click Here To Return To List]




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