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Intracranial Pressure

Understanding Coma

Rancho Los Amigos Scale/ The Levels of Coma

Objectives of Neurosurgery

A Guide to Brain Anatomy

Jargon - Spoken language that has normal rate and rhythm but is full of nonsense words. [Click Here To Return To List]

Jejunostomy Tube (J Tube) - A type of feeding tube surgically inserted into the small intestine. [Click Here To Return To List]

Job Analysis - Involves the systematic study of an occupation in terms of what the worker does in relation to data, people, and things; the methods and techniques employed, the machines, tools, equipment, and work aids used; the materials, products, subject matter or services which result, and the traits required of the worker. [Click Here To Return To List]

Job Bank - A computerized system, developed by the Department of Labor, which maintains an up-to-date listing of job vacancies available through the State Employment Service. [Click Here To Return To List]

Job Clusters (Work Families) - Related occupations grouped on the basis of similar job requirements, such as specific duties on the job, materials and equipment used, skill and knowledge, and worker characteristics required. [Click Here To Return To List]

Job Development Specialist - Individual who contacts community businesses and industries for the purpose of placing clients with disabilities in competitive employment or on-the-job training stations. Includes analyzing the client's capabilities and consulting with the client's counselor, the facility, and the client in recommending the client for a specific job. May also involve provision of follow-up services relative to the client's on-the-job performance. [Click Here To Return To List]

Job Exploration - A process whereby an individual is exposed to work experience and occupational information intended to increase one's knowledge of the world of work. [Click Here To Return To List]

Job Families - See Job Clusters. [Click Here To Return To List]

Job Samples - See Work Samples. [Click Here To Return To List]

Job Seeking Skills - Those skills that enable a person to seek out job vacancies and apply for them. Includes knowledge of where to find information about job openings, how to fill out an application, how to take employment tests, and how to handle a job interview. [Click Here To Return To List]

Job Task - A single work activity that is taken in its entirety, without any changes, directly from a specific job. [Click Here To Return To List]

Job Tryout - Contains at least the following characteristics

1) wages paid to the client;

2) primarily for the employer's benefit;

3) the client is an employee; and

4) the setting is controlled by the employer.

A placement used with the understanding that the client may not succeed and will be helped further if he does not. The success or failure provides the evaluator and client with additional information to make specific employment decisions. [Click Here To Return To List]

Judgment - Process of forming an opinion, based upon an evaluation of the situation at hand in comparison with personal values, preferences and insights regarding expected consequences. The ability to make appropriate decisions. [Click Here To Return To List]

Judgment of Safety - The extent to which an individual can correctly judge the dangers and risks in a variety of situations. An individual with poor judgment may smoke in bed late at night, touch a red hot stove burner, or show extreme friendliness to complete strangers. Brain-injured persons with poor insight regarding their impairments are also likely to show poor judgment of safety. [Click Here To Return To List]




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